Engagement Through Wellness

Wellness Incentives

When your employees are out sick, you lose valuable production time, and that means lost revenue. Rising costs of healthcare coverage require employers to take a long-term view on improving employee health, not just for immediate revenue loss but for future healthcare concerns.

Effective wellness incentive programs empower your employees to engage in and sustain healthy behaviors while decreasing healthcare costs. Research from RAND Corporation shows that incentives can double participation in your wellness program. We can work with your organization to develop programs that: 

  • Automatically reward participation 
  • Increase health-related behaviors and activities
  • Drive engagement through better well-being
  • Help employees focus on their health and lead an active lifestyle

Participation can be tracked from multiple sources, and employees can earn points for participating in targeted health behaviors you specify. Our solutions are designed to be administered easily and reward a variety of healthy behaviors.

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