Four Pillars of the Employee/Employer Relationship

Employers need to recalibrate the relationship they have with employees for better engagement and retention. This eBook outlines four pillars of the employee/employer relationship and provides tips to attract and engage a new breed of employee – one that expects different things from their employers.

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Top 3 Reasons to Move the Middle

Virtually every company can divide their sales force into a bell curve. Learn how small improvements in the performance of your mid-level performers can generate big results. This brief eBook provides valuable insights on the critical role these key members of your sales team can play in growing sales.

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3 Secrets of Holiday Gifting Success

This handy guide shows you: Why gifting is important in enhancing business relationships. Secrets of effective business holiday gifting. How gifts help you stand out to your customers and employees. Key benefits of gifting to your organization. Tips for making your gifts and the gifting experience memorable. The power of connecting emotionally with your recipients.

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The Sales Incentive Journey

Learn how to gain greater enrollment and active participation by understanding your participants. The Sales Incentive Journey eBook is a roadmap for engaging participants and driving maximum results. Use it yourself or share it with your clients and prospects. 

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Generational or Life Stage Influences?

Incentive programs don’t reward generations. They recognize individuals. Our Generational or Life Stage Influences eBook shows how an award selection can engage people of every generation at each stage of their life to change behaviors and maximize results.

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The Reward Delivery Experience Study

Hinda’s Reward Delivery Experience Study revealed some surprising findings that could help program sponsors create emotional ties with their participants simply and efficiently. Download the final report to learn how.

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