Recognition Solutions That Engage, Inspire, and Reward

People are your most sustainable competitive advantage. Engaged employees, enthusiastic channel partners, and loyal customers keep your business growing. We build inspiring incentive and recognition programs to capture their hearts and minds.

Sales Incentives

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Creating an incentive program designed to address all the drivers of success and encourage your sales force to focus on specific results is a challenge. One we have helped clients tackle for over 50 years. We understand what it takes to change sales behaviors and drive results. Let us show you how we can help your sales force soar.

Channel Partner Incentives

Channel partners can be particularly difficult to influence. They’re not employees and often carry competitive products. But for many organizations, they’re critical to sales efforts. We know what it takes to gain the discretionary efforts of these important channel reps. Our experience can align their goals with your objectives to get the time and attention you need to succeed.

Consumer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are an important marketing tool to acquire, engage, grow, and retain customers. The promise of a meaningful reward at the end of their buying journey has a powerful influence on consumers. Rewards are the very reason they join and continue to purchase. Our recognition solutions allow you to put the most engaging reward offerings front and center with your customers every day.

Employee Recognition

Rewarding a job well done reinforces positive behaviors. That’s good for your employees and good for your bottom line. Our recognition programs create heroes for others to follow and help you identify future leaders. Our web-based platform consolidates your various recognition programs into one easy-to-manage system.

Safety Initiatives

Working safe is working smart — for employees and employers. But sometimes people forget basic safeguards or simply work too fast. That’s when accidents happen. Safety initiatives can reduce accidents by over 50% by keeping safe protocols top of mind. These programs save lives and millions of dollars in expenses and lost productivity each year.

Employee Service Awards

Celebrating milestones is important. It shows we really care for a person and demonstrates their value. Employee service award programs are a key part of an integrated employee engagement strategy. We create a personalized service anniversary experience for the employee, fitting your culture and your budget. Our programs create memories and build employee loyalty.

Corporate Gifting

Gifts help nurture and reinforce relationships. Done thoughtfully and respectfully, gifts can help strengthen bonds and show appreciation in a heartfelt and compassionate way. We help you thank the people most important to your business. Our approaches demonstrate the giver’s values and act as a meaningful reminder to the recipient.

Workplace Wellness

Successful wellness programs reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, reduce burnout, and improve retention rates. In short, supporting the well-being of your employees also supports the well-being of your company. Our holistic approach to engagement increases employee participation in your wellness programs.

Find Out How Our Solutions Can Help You

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