Global Capabilities & Partnerships

Hinda understands the nuances of managing an incentive program with participants in different countries. We provide services and awards in multiple languages to companies in 93 countries on six continents.

We Think Global and Act Local

When you are running programs around the globe, you need to think locally. Each country your program operates in is different. Every culture is unique. Participant experience and expectations are varied. Channels and retailers are not alike. That doesn’t even count regulatory and language differences.

We have done the hard work for you to take care of your global program with cultural considerations in mind and fulfillment provided in-country whenever possible.

We Simplify Global

We have established partnerships with leading performance improvement companies in regions around the world. By bringing together these recognition, technology, and incentive leaders worldwide, we can provide local, well-sourced products and award strategies from around the globe. Award assortments are developed with cultural considerations in mind, and fulfillment is provided in-country whenever possible.

We Cover the Globe & 20 Languages

Our global offering features the best in-country and in-region fulfillment centers. Our relationships provide clients with services and awards on six continents and communications in more than 20 languages.

Why Hinda?

For over 50 years, Hinda has been helping clients engage, inspire, and reward the people most important to their business. Our expertise, resources, and support help companies grow sales, engage employees, and create loyal customers. We succeed when our clients do, and we ship millions of awards each year to people who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.

Need Help With Your Global Participants?

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