Channel Partner Incentive Programs

Channel partners are difficult to influence. They aren’t your employees and they often carry competitive products. Gaining their time could be the difference between success and failure.

Get Their Time and Attention

Channel partners can spend their time where they choose. You need them to choose to spend time selling your products. Non-cash channel partner incentive programs capture the discretionary time you need of the people who can directly influence sales. We can help you stock up your distributors and encourage dealer reps to recommend your solutions. Hinda channel incentives get you the time you need to succeed.

Recognize Top Performers and Move the Middle

Effective channel incentive programs recognize those critically important top performers while encouraging midlevel partners to become more productive. This balanced approach helps create heroes and share their secrets of success to improve your channel partner network. Hinda helps companies grow sales through top achiever recognition and engaging move-the-middle strategies.

Push Product Launches to New Heights

New products represent enormous opportunities. But channel partners may hesitate to risk their reputation on your new offering. They would rather see how the market reacts first. Our product launch promotions create a sense of urgency with rewards for early sales. This encourages partners to learn your product quickly and race it to market. That’s the fast start your new offering needs.

Engaging Technology

Our sales incentive technology engages people from launch to redemption with customized webpages to fit your branding, simple sales claim processes, and progress reports showing where they stand. We simplify administration and keep your participants selling.

Inspiring Communications

Inspire your channel partners to focus on your offerings with print, video, and web messaging to keep them engaged. We can build a comprehensive campaign to energize your partners and help your sales soar.

Rewards to Remember

Your program rewards are tangible symbols of success. Your partners will remember how they earned these awards for years to come and always tie it to your brand. We make memories with a wide assortment of awards and brand names that reflect well on you.

Why Hinda?

For over 50 years, Hinda has been helping clients engage, inspire, and reward the people most important to their business. Our expertise, resources, and support help companies grow sales, engage employees, and create loyal customers. We succeed when our clients do, and we ship millions of awards each year to people who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments. Learn how we helped an insurance company recognize top performers when they had to cancel their incentive travel program due to COVID-19.

Want Ideas on Growing Sales?

Drop us a line about your challenges and one of our experts will contact you on how we might help you improve your sales performance.