Employee Recognition

Recognizing employees reinforces positive behaviors and creates engaged heroes who demonstrate your organization’s values. Engaged employees are your competitive advantage. Companies with highly engaged workers generate 23% higher profitability.*

Engaged Employees Deliver

It may not be surprising that organizations with highly engaged employees rank high in customer satisfaction. A genuinely enthusiastic and helpful employee gives customers a wonderful experience.

What may surprise you is that, according to Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees generate 23% higher profits, enjoy 18% higher productivity, and have 64% fewer safety incidents.*

Engaged Employees Cut Costs

Voluntary turnover costs U.S. companies over $1 trillion each year. Replacing an individual employee can run from half to twice their annual salary. Companies with highly engaged employees realize up to 43% less turnover than their peers.*

These companies also have 41% fewer quality defects and 81% less absenteeism.* Recognition creates engagement. Engagement cuts costs.

*Source: Employee Engagement and Performance: Latest Insights From the World’s Largest Study. Gallup 2020.

Reinforce Culture & Identify Leaders

Publicly recognizing an employee reinforces the company values by telling success stories and demonstrating those values to others. An effective employee recognition program improves managers by showing them how to engage their staff through planned recognition. It even helps identify up-and-coming leaders.

Hinda helps clients do recognition right.

Engaging Technology

Our employee recognition platform helps maximize engagement. Manager tools, employee eCards, and award nomination processes are just a few of the ways our technology engages. A powerful reporting suite shows how the organization is doing.

Inspiring Communications

Inspire employees with print, video, and web messaging to engage their hearts and minds. We can build a comprehensive campaign to energize your team and expand the recognition.

Rewards to Remember

Your program rewards are tangible symbols of success. Employees will remember how they earned them for years to come and always tie it to your brand. We make memories with the right assortment of name-brand items that reflect well on you.

Why Hinda?

For over 50 years, Hinda has been helping clients engage, inspire, and reward the people most important to their business. Our expertise, resources, and support help companies grow sales, engage employees, and create loyal customers. We succeed when our clients do, and we ship millions of awards each year to people who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.

Need Help Creating the Right Recognition Program?

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