Warehouse Dash®

The Warehouse Dash is a heart-pounding race against the clock through our warehouse aisles, grabbing merchandise. It’s the event your participants will never forget, combining a trip to Chicago and a house full of awards.

On Your Mark …

From the moment your participants arrive, they will feel the energy. They are met at the door by cheering fans and walk the red carpet into a decorated warehouse packed with awards. Next comes a meeting with our Dash referees, who explain the rules and provide time for the winners to plan their run with the guidance of our warehouse specialists — all leading to a mad dash for awards.

See the Excitement

Create a Buzz

This unique aware experience will have everyone talking. From the time you announce an opportunity to earn a Dash, your people will be excited. This is the experience they will tell friends and colleagues about for years to come. And with a houseful of items to remind them, how could they ever forget.

Hinda Warehouse Dash®

Combine a travel opportunity to the Windy City with a unique heart-pounding race for awards at our working warehouse. See the excitement.

Warehouse Dash® to Go

We pack up our Warehouse Dash and bring the excitement right to you! Put a new twist on your next national meeting or customer event and host a Dash to Go that will inspire your participants to achieve greater results and cheer on their peers.

Million-dollar Warehouse Dash®

Want to build even greater excitement during your Warehouse Dash program? How about giving your winners a chance to walk away with a $1 million prize? The excitement and enthusiasm will be off the charts for your winners!

Why Hinda?

For over 50 years, Hinda has been helping clients engage, inspire, and reward the people most important to their business. Our expertise, resources, and support help companies grow sales, engage employees, and create loyal customers. We succeed when our clients do, and we ship millions of awards each year to people who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.

Want to See How the Warehouse Dash Can Create a Buzz and Inspire Your People?

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