Value Chain Network

Hinda works with a variety of partners to deliver on incentive and engagement challenges. Our fully vetted value chain network of specialists and resellers can help you deploy and manage your program with ease.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Each business has unique needs. Your participants are distinct. Your program solution must fit your company. So, in addition to our experience and expertise in incentive and recognition programs, we have developed a network of specialists across an array of industries and disciplines who can help make your program your own. Our value chain network approach can create exactly what you need.

Fitting Your Specific Challenges

We use a blended partnership model to help consolidate a custom solution for each individual customer. Since we are a full-service provider, you get advantages of our years of experience combined with specialists experienced in your marketplace or in the specific disciplines your program needs. This unique approach creates the right custom program to engage, inspire, and reward your people.

Pre- and Post-program Surveys and Research

We have partners that can help you get into the minds of your participants to create the right program before your launch. Our research partners can also analyze the program to make the next one even better.

Market Analysis and Consulting

We have partners who specialize in specific industries and programs. Whether you need to analyze a new channel partner network or consult with clients on employee training, our value chain network has the experience you need.

Why Hinda?

For over 50 years, Hinda has been helping clients engage, inspire, and reward the people most important to their business. Our expertise, resources, and support help companies grow sales, engage employees, and create loyal customers. We succeed when our clients do, and we ship millions of awards each year to people who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.

Looking for Some Specific Expertise?

Talk to one of our team members to see if one of our value chain network partners can help.