Hinda’s History

Our Story

It all started in 1970 when Hinda’s founders set up shop as the exclusive distributor of a new brand of consumer electronics products — products that are still a household name around the world today!

For more than 40 years, Hinda’s award fulfillment business has been rooted in the corporate human capital management philosophy of motivating performance and awarding achievement through non-cash rewards and recognition.

We hold the patent on points-based electronic auctions, offering our clients a unique program platform not available anywhere else. We offer flexible solutions to fit your needs — from out-of-the-box websites to Web services that feed your incentive programs and many options in between.

Hinda is a respected corporate rewards and recognition industry leader because we know what matters most:

  • A powerful, achievement-inspiring online portfolio of rewards
  • Subject-matter experts who help organizations create the best programs
  • A value-chain partner network that provides innovative and flexible solutions
  • A technology platform that facilitates excellence in award-point or award-plateau issuance and redemption processes
  • An award-earner experience that's second to none thanks to our acclaimed end-to-end customer-care philosophy
  • An outstanding client services team responsible for ongoing award program management
  • Effective and efficient financial reporting and award redemption analysis

We exceed your highest expectations through our never-ending passion for and commitment to total client and award-recipient satisfaction.