Warehouse Dash®: The Race Is On!

A Unique Way to Reward Your Employees

Among our powerful recognition and engagement solutions, Hinda offers the Warehouse Dash®. In this action-packed event, your participants run through our warehouse aisles and grab any merchandise they want in a heart-pounding race against the clock!

This unique event is tailored to suit your preferences and budget on everything from the color of the balloons and type of music to the merchandise assortment in the aisles. We are skilled at stocking the shelves with a mix of quality items while still staying within your budget.

See the excitement of a real dash!

Warehouse Dash® to Go™

We pack up our Warehouse Dash and bring the excitement right to you! That’s right, we bring the fun of the race to your location. Put a new twist on your next regional meeting, annual trip, or customer event and consider hosting a Dash to Go that will inspire your participants to achieve greater results and cheer on their peers.

Million Dollar Warehouse Dash®

Do you want to build even greater excitement during your Warehouse Dash program? How about giving your winners a chance to walk away with a one million dollar prize? The excitement and enthusiasm will be off the charts for your winners! 

Interested in hosting a Warehouse Dash or Dash to Go?

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