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Incentive Rewards Portfolio

Rewards That Engage

At Hinda, we pride ourselves on keeping up with merchandising trends and offering a variety of products to suit the tastes and preferences of every generation. By attending annual trade shows, visiting our vendors on-site, and immersing ourselves in the world of premium award choices, we gain firsthand knowledge of what’s new and what people want. Everything from electronics and housewares to jewelry and toys to outdoor recreation and socially responsible items is available in Hinda’s assortment — we have something for everyone.

Millions of Choices

Our merchandise collection is refreshed constantly, which means every time your participants view our catalog, they’re likely to see something new. Here at Hinda, we offer:

  • Brand-name merchandise
  • Instant, easy, and intuitive digital awards featuring books, music, and movies
  • Individual travel award opportunities
  • Custom manufacturing — our manufacturing facility delivers jewelry and other unique custom items to meet your budgets and your needs
  • Global award fulfillment capabilities through alliances with international partners

Since our assortment is always current, we’re able to offer hot new merchandise as it becomes available — no waiting around for next year’s catalog!

Successful rewards can engage, inspire and develop relationships. See how Hinda helps you build those bridges from start to finish with our teams that manage personalized reward selection, award fulfillment, customer service and program analytics.

Generational Merchandising®

Hinda knows how to approach, manage, and motivate different generations in the workforce through research and trend monitoring to help you get the most out of your talent. Generational identities are demonstrated through behaviors, life experiences, and expectations in the workplace. What are their interests, how are they different, what defines them, and most important, what motivates them? 

Generational Merchandising takes all of this into account by focusing on the specific characteristics and desires of each generation to develop product collections and award offerings as diverse as your employees, customers, and salesforce. This attention to detail provides the most effective award assortment in the industry, designed to engage and motivate those who have an influence on your business.

By keeping our finger on the pulse of industry trends, Hinda is able to offer you an unrivaled assortment of the top-quality, brand-name merchandise that people really want.

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